“The Seven Deadly Sins”…Season 2?!

It goes without saying I”m a big supporter of this anime series.

Though it can be viewed as a typical anime with overtly sexy females, macho males, and classic strangeness, the characters in this show still have the material to draw you in. If you haven’t seen the show I’ll give you a little backstory. The series follows Princess Elizabeth who joins the owner of a Boar Hat in his journey to find the members of a elite order of Holy Knights known as 7 Deadly Sins. Each member labeled for a crime they committed against the kingdoms Great Holy Knights. As the quest for each member takes way the series has a way of throwing its viewers off when we catch up to each Deadly Sin character and their simplicity. But like any good anime the complexity of these characters evolves into some pretty juicy back stories. And I have to point out this show has some of my favorite anime love stories. But I digress. I’m not going to go into too much detail on how great the show is or its characters, but I do suggest you watch season 1 on Netflix or get some background info HERE.

Now that I’ve rambled off a bit about the show I can also share with you that I, like most of the fans, have been waiting an entire year for season 2. And when I logged into my Netflix account towards the end of February 2017 I was greeted with a notification that SEASON 2 “The 7 Deadly Sins” has NEW EPISODES plastered all over my home screen.

I literally jumped out my bed screaming with joy. I couldn’t wait to see where the gang was headed next and what new secrets were going to be revealed. Plusssssss I love the kinky relationship between Meliodas and Princess Elizabeth. It makes me blush every time.

But when I opened up season 2 on Netflix what I saw almost made me curse. I couldn’t believe I waited an entire year for only FOUR episodes!

To¬†get a better idea of the degree of my outrage I have to share with you that season 1 had 24 episodes. TWENTY FOUR. So to see that season 2 only had a fraction of season 1’s episodes was unbelievable.

Agitated and disappointed I logged out of Netflix rambling on about how crazy the whole situation was. I needed answers. This had to be a sick joke Netflix was playing or some horrible mistake. When I finally did calm down I turned to my online Otakus for the real scoop. What I discovered was many speculated the 4 episodes in season 2 are a setup for what is to come in the full season 2. So basically a prequel to season 2.

After reading they weren’t the official season 2 I was a little more cooperative¬†about watching Netflix’s improperly labeled episodes. And to be honest (because thats how I like to keep things around here) I’m glad I did. The episodes re-antiquated me with my favorite characters and gave me a glimpse of what the future might hold in the next chapter. Even though I would have loved for them to jump head first into season 2 I appreciate the purpose of the misleading 4 episodes. My only hope is the rest of season 2 will be airing soon because those episodes were a fresh reminder of how much I miss watching “The 7 Deadly Sins.”


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