Geeking Out “Log Horizon”

Obviously if you’re reading this you are a fan of Anime or at least interested in getting into the Anime scene. And now that big time American subscription services such as Amazon, Netfilx, & Hulu have made it easier to access these little gems. The excitement behind anime has grown along with the variety of anime being released. I must admit I’m not a SUPER-anime fan, also known as an otaku, but anime has always held a special place in my heart. I remember my very first anime…Aeon Flux in 1991 (uggh my age is showing lol). And as the years have flown by I still get caught up in a good anime series.

Ok Ok you’re right. Enough of memory lane. Lets get to the good stuff. LOG HORIZON! This anime. Wow. I am in season 1 episode 22 and I can say for a fact “Log Horizon” has a good balance of everything. There is sword action, magical abilities, gaming background, pockets of romance, humor, and a maturity that doesn’t weigh down the viewer’s conscious. The creators really took their time with this one and they truly have me invested!

About The Show:

The show is about a global multiplayer role-playing game called “Elder Tale.” In the game players level up by completing missions and eliminating monsters (don’t worry the show walks you through everything). The twist is one day the players logged in the game are not able to log out. An event known as the “Apocalypse”. Although the current players are trapped in, no new players are allowed to log in. What was once a fantasy becomes every players reality. The players will have to learn quickly how to adapt to their new environment quickly. Nooooooooooow if you were looking for spoilers you are not getting them here. Sorrrrrrry.

Why I’m Geeking Out:

The character growth and personality of each character during their time of adaptation is such a lovely process to watch. I can’t help but to love most, if not all, the characters. They all bring something unique to the table and it doesn’t take long to see how each character plays a part in the growth of the story-line. Mentioning the story-line it definitely keeps the viewer on their feet. And though “Log Horizon” never leaves their viewers behind it doesn’t have them ahead of the characters either. So you learn as the players learn. If you aren’t a big gamer, don’t worry. The gaming aspect of the series is explained to you as the action is happening. The graphics are a work of art that is a delightful detailing to the eyes.

My Favorite Characters:

¬†SHIRO –> He is the main character and an master enchanter/scribe. He is 23 and is incredibly tactical. Though he may seem a little cold at first he has a warmth to him that makes you want to cheer him on.

NYANTA –> This guy is actual an actual “Catman” who is also a master swordsman/chief (weird combo. Right?!). He is referred to as “Chef” by most of the players.I love the old school feel of this character! He is just too smooth lol. He is believed to be a player who is 40 years old or older, but he keeps a steady faith in Shiroe.

NAOTSUGU –> He is a guardian and your “typical’ big jock character who is really into ladies…you will find out. The surprising thing is that in this series they give him depth, so even with his high school mindset towards women he is likable and Shiroe’s right hand man.

If you are brand new to anime I might suggest “Fruits Basket” or “Ouran HIgh School” as your first taste of anime. Only because they are easier to follow. But if you’ve put your toe in the world of anime I suggest you do not delay and check out “Log Horizon” on Hulu Plus now in English dub (dub- episodes the at English voice overs).