Popular Spring Decor Prints — Pineapple Addition


The winter frost is slowly melting and signs of spring are peaking through the patches of white (or muddy browns). And unlike the unpredictable weather my desire to change the decor in my home is here again. But I’m not 100% ready get rid of the old and switch it up for the new. However, I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on this year’s decoration trends.

So recently in my hunt for fresh new ideas I did a bit of spring browsing and observed an alarming amount of pineapple prints and decor.I’m not sure if you agree. But when I think of pineapple decorations I generally visualize a party themed luau. And the idea of an entire room in my house giving off the impression of a never ending backyard party turns me all the way off. Yet What I was stumbling on in my favorite home decor hot spots were more enticing than repulsive.

Below I’ve captured a few photos of some of the decor items popping up at my local Target, Tjmaxx, Hobby Lobby, and Ross. I will try to link similar items just in case you’d like to pick up a few for yourself :-)!

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Gold Pineapple Decorative Jar    Cream Throw Pillow Pineapple    Pineapple Wood Flushmount 6×6

Share your thoughts on this month’s popular print and if you have pineapples adorning your home this year. 


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